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In the experience of the community what causes the “Unusual traffic” messages when doing google searches? This ISP network hands out public IP addresses to each and every customer. No batting going on. Does Google typically drop entire /24’s into this if they see an issue? The initial troubleshooting we have done involves disconnecting the customer router and going direct with a laptop. Still the same captcha. We clock “I am not a robot” and the search goes through, but it re-appaers the next search.

Looking for a direction to look. What typically causes this? I know what the page says, but looking for specifics.


As I understand it, no one really knows. They refuse to tell anyone.

Yeah google captcha is fun, I trigger this all the time when relentlessly searching for something, ironically I giggle at the idea that my searching is so extreme it’s classified as a bot at times.

  • Not being signed in to a Google account with a verified phone number

  • Searching complex things that look like dorks (“powered by vbulletin”, “xxx v0.0.1”, etc), can trigger within a page or two sometimes

  • Does this end user lease any IPs from brokers or otherwise? - on extremely, very, very dirty/dangerous/bad netblocks used almost entirely for fraud, bots, ddos, etc before (google Methbot; example of a few that almost certainly gets high risk penalized on everything: )

  • Blocking cookies

  • Malware using you as a proxy is also a thing - a lot of the proxy sellers (google for backconnect, reverse backconnect, etc) entirely run off malware, botnet, etc. They are often used for checkout/stolen credit cards/“carding”/L7 http flooding services such as Shopify and Nike. This will result in extremely persistent “bans” from recaptcha because virtually all of these checkout sites utilise it

Im going with the corporate greed/free labor angle. Perhaps they need more training data for their cars and figure a couple small ISP/businesses worth of people is worth flipping over temporarily?

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Solving a captcha issues an exemption cookie. If you’re being blocked again on the “next search” this implies that cookie isn’t working because:

  • your “next search” was several hours later, and the exemption cookie expired
  • you cleared cookies (or used a different browser)
  • you’re doing something abusive from that browser that gets your exemption cookie blocked