Google Android phone earthquake visualization

The VP Engineering for Android posted a visualization of the 4.5 earthquake in
Southern California from data collected by Android phones.

USGS ShakeAlert is transmitted via WEA to Android, iPhone and other cellular
devices; and shared directly with some public-private partners. Most smart devices (Android, iPhone) collect diagnostic logs and report back to their developers, but generally emergency responders never see data from diagnostic reports.

Developers don't include emergency alerts in other "smart" devices like SmartTVs, SmartSpeakers, etc.

I was awake when it struck, and I received this alert about 3 seconds before the shockwave hit my location:


My phone was isolated from the shockwave due to it being in my hands at the time, for what it’s worth.

As a person reminded me, Japan's earthquake/tsunami early warning system has been doing this faster and better than the USA for a long time. And yes, the Japanese system wakes up some radios and TVs in the home.