Good MPLS/VPLS book?

Does anyone have a favorite book or resource discussing MPLS and all associated Lego blocks (e.g. LDP, TE, VPLS, martini, mBGP et. al.)?

   I understand the basics of what MPLS is and how you create a circuit from
A to B but I'm afraid it still escapes me when trying to figure out how someone would, say, create a multicast capable VPN with 5 edge points.

   Any pointers to a good way to reduce my level of ignorance on this subject would be appreciated. Vendor literature doesn't bother me as long as the concepts are there.

     Michael H.

While on a MPLS related TAC case recently, I was speaking to an engineer who helped vet portions of Cisco Press' MPLS Fundamentals ( He said it's one of the best he's come across, but there may perhaps be some bias there :wink: Not knowing any better, I picked it up and I'm learning quite a bit. It's also seems to be a great reference manual to keep around too. The Kindle version is handy for quick reference from mobile devices too.

IMO the best book on the market is 'MPLS-Enabled Applications' by Ina Minei,
Julian Lucek. It has the best coverage all the things you mentioned plus
VPLS, P2MP LSP, draft-rosen and NG-VPN multicast architectures and the
explanations are clear and concise.

I wrote a review of this book a while back:

This book is awesome. You won't regret buying it.

Stefan Fouant

Designing and Implementing IP/MPLS-Based Ethernet Layer 2 VPN Services: An Advanced Guide for VPLS and VLL (Paperback)
Zhuo Xu

I thought was pretty good.

Anyone have a contact for CANTV.NET without using CANTV.NET mailserver which is hosed, at least for abuse, support, and ipadmin which all fail?



Looks like a good book to add to my bookshelf. Cisco's MPLS fundamentals is also a good book although I'm only halfway through it....

Thanks for the suggestions, all! Looks like I have some reading to do.

The most comprehensive text is MPLS Enabled Applications by Ina Minei

Looks like a third edition is on the way slated for March 2011

I would expect it to cover MPLS-TP and the struggling evolution of PBB-TE ... anybody has any idea if this is in ?


Amazon has detailed TOC and couple of chapters online so you should get all
the info. MPLS-TP gets a decent coverage in this book.


Decisions decisions, I do have other MPLS books I have not finished. I suppose I can finish them before
picking this up and then getting the 3rd edition.....might be good timing. Good thing I didn't order the
2nd edition the other day!

FYI, the 3rd edition was released early. Was delivered this morning from Amazon. It has a whole new chapter on MPLS-TP (Ch. 17).

Hope this helps,

Wow thanks for the heads up! I went ahead and bought the other MPLS books, I guess I'll have to go get this one too now...

This is very early.....I wonder why the rush?