GoDaddy DNS contact


Unfortunately we have some domains where GoDaddy is used as the registrar and primary DNS, with secondary DNS provided by another provider.

I've been e-mailing back and forth with GoDaddy support for over three days because for the apex of one domain their authoritative name servers are returning an extra A record which is not visible in their zone editor UI. This extra A record causes a GoDaddy "parking" page to be shown when browsing to the root of the domain.

I'm sending them something that looks like this:


They refuse to acknowledge that there's a problem and suggest we remove the secondary DNS provider because, according to them, the secondary DNS is what's randomly adding a GoDaddy parking service A record.

I'm not including the actual domain above because we have private registration on it and it's used for an unbranded part of our service for resellers.

If anyone knows a GoDaddy contact who could help, I'd appreciate getting the info.