shuts down entire data center?

>> The first and second paragraphs are sane. The last paragraph gives Go
>> Daddy the right to capriciously and arbitrarily delete your domain for
>> any reason they wish ("Morally objectionable activities will include,
>> but not be limited to...")
> Do you believe that your philosophical objections to the language absolves
> you as a customer from the minimal due dilligence of knowing what you are
> agreeing to?

Find me a registrar that DOESN'T have that kind of language in their user
agreements, then tell me if anyone wishing to do any kind of e-commerce
has a choice.

There are plenty. But they are usually resellers of the larger
registrars. That's part of the reason to pay the extra $1 to use
an ICANN accredited registrar.

I've gone off on a tear about this before: A registrar has a license to
print money. Boilerplate user agreements that leave the user zero recourse
are the standard. I haven't seen a registrar yet that doesn't have this
kind of verbiage completely freeing them from liability for *any* action
taken on a domain registration, including none.

Since this isn't a registrars list I can only say that you should go
discuss that with some registrars and i think you'll find that your
statement isn't entirely factual. For example, GoDaddy has a 24/7
support system, regardless of what people think about it, that did
answer the phone and process the problem. That's a minimum of a ~half
a million dollar investment on the spot. I'm NOT a registrar and I
don't represent them, but I think they make their money on services
more than domains.

Anyhow, I think this thread is totally off topic at this point,
as well as Marc Perkel is off topic, asking Marc Perkely what he
thinks is off topic, and this thread should die a horrific death.
It's on the way to a /dev/null forward as we speak.