shuts down entire data center?

william(at) wrote:

>>> The rest is just some random blowhard web hosting customer
> I disagree with this particular part. I think its quite clear that
> this was not "random blowhard hosting customer" but somebody close to
> nectartech owner who owner knew could get through walls put by some
> companies and if not annoy the hell out of them afterward and spin
> it around in [in]appropriate way.

Precisely. It wasn't just some random blowhard web hosting customer.
It was a carefully selected web hosting customer specifically chosen
for his expertise at being a blowhard.

He sounds like a blowhard to me, and he delayed them getting back
online as quick as he could. GoDaddy gave him the same sphiel I've
heard 100 times i.e. here's our procedures please do x, y, and z.

If you look at the guys web page, he takes pride in being a blow
hard so don't fret, he'd disagree with you too. No doubt he's
reading NANOG and probably yelling at the mailing admins about
how he has to sign up for two lists vs. one and how stupid we
all are.