shuts down entire data center?

Here's the story on the big outage.

Here's another recorded conversation. (Can you do this in NJ?)

The GoDaddy folks are well trained. Kudos.


Doesn't this fall under bad things happen.

Hopefully it is very clear to all on NANOG that DNS changes can have
unforeseeable consequences, because of the nature of the delegation in the

As such pulling DNS records (or zones) you don't fully understand the usage
of, as a response to a security/spam problem, is generally a bad idea.

That said ultimately a decision has to be taken, relative benefits versus

I'm very grateful someone arranged that all records used by the "MINIT" trojan
now point to an RFC1918 private address space*, having found infected boxes
failing to download their payload as a result. However pulling DNS records
probably doesn't belong in the hurly burly of front line support.


*Anyone going to check how many DNS servers are still caching "",
to tell how many boxes "nearly" downloaded the payload? In the style of the
Sony DRM fiasco measurement.

While I do believe that GoDaddy appears to have some sloppy policies and
procedures, if you listen to both conversations, you will find that
GoDaddy followed a procedure to deal with the issue, and the caller
patently refused to follow it.

In my opinion, the caller is just grandstanding, most likely for dramatic
effect. I counted over 15 different times when the staff at GoDaddy
explained that he needed to follow a specific procedure outlined in an
E-mail, and they offered to re-send it as many times as he needed and to
whatever E-mail address he wanted.

During the conversation, the caller claims that the owner of the
Datacenter is too busy trying to move domains to respond to the E-mail
that would allow him to resolve the entire issue. If this is the case,
then this is really poor priority management, and if what GoDaddy
indicates in the call is true (Several warnings and notifications of
pending suspension) then I have to wonder what nectartech management was

Furthermore, the caller identifies himself in his blog as a "professional
asshole", and based on the recorded calls, I have to agree that he has
earned his title.

Greg Boehnlein wrote: