shuts down entire data center?

> Any validatity to this and if so I am suprised that our team has
> got no calls on not be able to get to certain websites.

I think the main thing I learned from that is that there are a
surprising number of hosting companies and self-professed data centre
operators who really don't know much about the DNS.

The GoDaddy guy didn't do such a bad job. It sounds like they had
some procedures and they followed them.

Operationally, not having someone on the shift who can make
decisions is not a good thing. It's like having a NOC with
no shift supervisor. If you're big enough - a manager.

Disclaimer: In now way, shape, or form, should that be inferred as
a plug for or against GoDaddy. I'm nuetral.



The way a policy is enforced - how, in what situations etc - is what
matters. Most if not all ISP AUPs say basically the same mom and
apple pie thing (no net abuse or we'll shut you down)

If what this guy says is right, his domain was taken down just because
one of his servers was broken into and spammed through. I havent
heard godaddy's side of the story yet - might be better to reserve
judgement till they comment.