GoDaddy abuse contact

Does anyone have a better abuse contact for GoDaddy? I'm trying to get
one of those "paste Javascript in your browser address bar" scams on
Facebook shutdown before too many idiots fall for it.

The only way I've ever got a response from them is from: though it will
take a few days.

Their abuse@ seems to be ignored by actual people, but that is pretty
standard from the 'big boys' these days.

If it's an emergency, try ringing +1-480-624-2505

Good luck!


Trying to get them to do anything is a waste of time. They refuse to enforce their TOS and will tell you that if you call.
Tammy of the AHBL

Yep, Godaddy abuse = big dark nothing into which complaints enter... and
then are never heard from again. I suggest sending their traffic to the
same bitbucket your complaints went to.


The best abuse contact response I ever got was an under 3 hour reply
to a lesser known domain provider who revoked the domain for the
Facebook scam. It was hilarious and I don't think even GoDaddy
responded within 3 days or so.

A part of me wants to say we should look out for people while another
part wants to chalk it up to survival of the fittest. I just looked,
it's still up and running.