gmail spam help

Is there anyone on-list that can help me with a world -> gmail email issue, where email is being considering spam by gmail erroneously?


Create a filter.

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Don't use GMail for things you care about?

If it's email you are sending from your domain that's getting marked as
spam make sure that you have a reverse DNS setup, an SPF record, and DKIM
signing helps too.


I should have been clearer.

I have been getting complaints from my sales folks that when they send emails to people who use gmail (either a gmail account or google apps) that they recipient is reporting that the email is ending up in the Spam folder. So, I tested this myself, sending an email from<> to<>


This is curious to me, since is a small exchange implementation with only about 50 users behind it, and there is no question that there is no spamming going on from here.

So, it’s not a question of adding a filter or not using gmail; it is not me who is using gmail in this problem.

I'd be interested to know how you can be so adamant about the lack of spam
from this specific server. A great percentage of the spam hitting servers
I have visibility into comes from very similar kinds of set ups because
they tend to have little or no over sight in place.

Also, lots of commercial email gets flagged as spam by users, even when
they opted in for the email. If enough people flagged email from this
server as spam it will cause Google to consider other email from the same
small server as likely to be spam as well. Small systems, especially new
ones, tend to unintentionally look like spam sources by not having proper
reverse records, making sure you have SPF set up for the domain, etc.

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Mainly because I own it, and the people who use it. The server has been around 10+ years and has tight oversight. SPF is proper. This is a recent issue.

A good tool to test all that is They have black list checks and SMTP tests that will check your PTR records and other things. They also provide free weekly blacklist checks for one domain.

DJ Anderson

Possibly related:

We had to manually remove it from spamassassin for our local installation, and I am pretty sure that a lot of sites still haven't figured it out so there's a lot of false positives being generated all over the place to throw off even filters that don't use it directly.


I won't begin to claim to know the root cause behind this, but "I own it"
isn't a good reason to say that no spam has come from it, indeed it's not
even a reason to say that a great amount of spam hasn't come from it.

The only way Google allows contact on these issues is via this form:

I also see that your domain is listed by

Clearly it's not just Google that sees some issues, but your domain doesn't
appear to be on any other email black lists, which generally means that a
machine(s) on your network is/was compromised and being used in a phishing

Scott Helms
Vice President of Technology
(678) 507-5000


which may take you to

and eventually to


It may be worth taking a look at the Bulk Senders Guidelines to make sure any additional steps suggested by Google (DKIM signing, etc) have been taken:

It may also be that other Gmail users have flagged your emails as spam in the past.


Apologies, the content of my last email was stripped.

That's my thought, too -- add DKIM and also work through those Google forms. I didn't see any red flags when I checked an IP and your host against some email "measurement" sites.

Please. Gmail isn't ever likely to use long dead hobbyist block lists.

Of course not, and I didn't mean to imply that they were.

I was surprised to see it still present *anywhere* (this was in a major Linux distribution, and may still be), and that hidden presence may be polluting data streams used by even the most responsible vendors unless they are running entirely self-contained.

Which distro is it that has dnsbl filtering on by default, and also
defaulting to shady no name blocklists?

I have yet to see a case where turning this sort of thing on first and
kicking self later wasn't because of a clueless sysadmin.

More than one, but I found it here:

They did patch it after it finally became a problem, I don't know about any other distributions.