gmail offline?

getting a 502 error

I'm getting the same thing when I try to access the web interface, but SMTP & IMAP seem to be working fine at the moment.

- Peter

Some network issues on a normal Monday morning.

Just loaded for me, however quite a bit slower than normal.

Web interface for Gmail/GChat seems to be the culprit. My email and chat clients that don't use the web interface seem pretty uneffected.

It's Google. They'll straighten it out quick enough.

This email sent via the Web interface... Trying to track down the issue now.

Not seeing any issues from a TWTC circuit in Milwaukee, Wi.


In Israel as well.


I stand corrected, the web interface just stopped working with a 502 error

Seems to be working again.

It's been up and down for at least the past 20 minutes. Amusingly some of
the isitdown sites are sporadic as a result of so many people checking to
see if gmail is down. I'm reading/sending this via the gmail web interface
now though.

Reading this just fine from the UK on GMail web interface.

It seems like gmail web interface is working for some, but not others.