Gmail Down?

cabenth <> writes:

Gmail is definitely been having a hard time this morning.

Stand by for the comments from the peanut gallery about allowing google
to scan your e-mail, etc.... like last time Gmail had an issue.

i recently explored webmail for my family and found "prayer", which is a
pure C application (no php, no perl) built on the uw-imap c-client library.
it's blindingly fast even for thousands of huge mailboxes stored in MH
format. anyone who was using "the cloud" because they couldn't stand the
poor performance of the apache-based webmail systems should take a look.

<; is the home page. though i
found it in freebsd </usr/ports/mail/prayer>.

same is the case here with me in Pakistan....

Not sure if its related, but the I'M portion seems broke too.. all of my contacts are offline which is extremely unusual..

not able to access ny chat logs and some of the contacts are not showing up
in chat window...

And what a splendid job your webmail does of formatting your text!
Why, that's beautiful.

Who bloody cares if gmail's contacts aren't working, anyway?

We have about 41,000 registered users of which about 25,000 log in to
webmail in a busy week (about 850,000 logins per week, 6 or 7 million HTTP
requests per day). We run Prayer on a single PC with 8GB RAM and one dual
code 2GHz Xeon CPU. Mailboxes live on separate Cyrus IMAP servers.


gmail is working in the U.S

London (UK) - mail is up over IMAP. The "contacts list"/chatbox in Gmail is a
Web wrapper around their Google Talk XMPP server, which I use through a
standalone IM client. And guess what? I can log in but presence-and-
availability info isn't being updated. returns "Your message
could not be delivered - reason:"""

Mail via the web interface appears to be working from here. XMPP is firewalled off where I am at right now so I can not check the status of that.

Actually, yes, there *is* a rather recent Dilbert about it.


*heh* I'll be sure to pass that feedback
along to the gmail developers the next
time I see them. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I never said which provider I used for
that particular message--but since you
don't like gmail's default wraplength,
just for you I'm wrapping this one at
40 characters, just to be safe--that way
it should still fit cleanly on the screen
for those of you still using CGA displays).