Global Crossing right now

Is anyone seeing peering problem with GBLX?

We've seen peering problems on GBLX across NA. It's being felt by
many of their peering partners and, in turn, being felt by many of
our customers. We're sending a generic report to the effected
customers and will try to get more info on the problem. The perf.
losses started at approx 16:00 GMT and are ongoing.


Yes, we're seeing very significant latency on what seems to be a 7018/3549
peer circuit in SFO, among numerous others reported by our customers.


There has been a lot of latency on several 7018 peers including 3561 and
3549 for the last week or so.

Also wierd asimetric routing like one direction will have 7018 6461 and
the other wil have 6461 3561 7018 with the 3561 7018 150 + ms.

All out of sfo.

You should never be seeing 3561 transit 6461 to 7018, or vice
versa. If you happen to notice this again, please send detailed prefix
and path information to the providers in question, particularly C&W.

  That said, the only flakiness I've seen from behind 7018 have
been some odd occaisional UDP issues (Which I suspect are related to the
'traceroute' issue previously discussed on NANOG).

  I haven't noticed any unusual problems between 7018 and 6461.