global BGP instability

Would anyone care to give some operational insight into the surge
of BGP routing instability this morning between appx 08:00 and 10:00
GMT? Turned on and off like a lightswitch, as seen from GRADUS
( -- we saw cleanly correlated and sustained
increases in the prefix announcement and withdrawal rates reported by
all GRADUS feeds during that window. --jim

p.s. By the way, we haven't seen the kind of sustained increase in
"maintenance cycle" routing instability that we were expecting after
the SNMP news broke. Some increase in the background noise, but nothing
major overall. Good job, guys :slight_smile:

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the Federal Register - and it has not been published
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Several providers announced scheduled maintenance last week.
UUNET/Worldcom listed 60+ different cities in its maintenance
announcement for Tuesday 2/19, and more on Thursday. Abovenet
said they would be upgrading some of their routers on Monday 2/18
and Tuesday 2/19. Sprint had a few maintenance items scheduled
for Tuesday. It wouldn't surprise me if other providers had
also scheduled maintenance for Tuesday morning.

There doesn't seem to much variation in the total BGP announcements,
average latency or packet losses, so I don't think it was someone
tickling lots of BGP routers.