GigaRouter (Was Re: Cisco as Big Brother))

Avi Freedman writes:

> This is the advantages of PC. Hope you know disadvantages too -:slight_smile:
> > To the argument that Cisco IOS is inherently easier or harder to configure
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -:slight_smile:
> This is a joke... there is nothing more complex and orderless than
> IOS's config -:slight_smile:

This is my last comment on IOS vs. Gated, but:

Everyone on this list should try mucking about with, say, a Motorola Vanguard.
Then you'd quit whining. :slight_smile:

IOS and Gated are both *miles* ahead of some of the junk out there.

Hm. In order to settle this once and for all, I suggest the following
unassailably scientific test:

Get a pair of twins who are both admins who know nothing about IOS or GateD.
Have experts in GateD teach one and experts in IOS teach the other. The first
admin who can configure a box that successfully drops in as a replacement for
any defaultless core router has proven that his software is better.

If either one commits suicide before one succeeds, get another set of twins.