GigaRouter (Was Re: Cisco as Big Brother))

   From: Michael Dillon <>

   > With cold-convenient-swappable IDE drawers that let even a
   > kindergartener swap out an IDE hard drive and high quality 100mb hard
   > drives available for like $50

   Where on earth do you find new drives this small???

But apparently with their current stock of new drives you'll have to
settle for IBM 3.5" 170mb drives for $99 each ($89 qty 10).

Now, if you don't mind refurbs, there are $65/$55 80mb drives and
$69/$59 131mb drives. I've dealt with these folks before and they're

Oh well, the $50 was a little optimistic, or maybe not if you're
buying a bunch of 'em...


I have a hard time calling IDE drives reliable. At one time I used
them in firewalls, and every now and then, tripwire would report
random changed bits on the disk, and then the next time I ran
tripwire, the problem would just go away. Now I use low end SCSI
drives for these kind of applications cause I prefer to have all my
data parity checked.