Gigabit Media Converter

Anyone out ther ever see or hear tell of a device that will let you run two
GBICs back to back wthout an associated switch and all the trimmings?

Application is to convert a CWDM GBIC signal to a Multimode one.


Sounds like you need a singlemode-multimode convertor, available from various
places, cost around $600


Omnitron also makes these, but they're probably closer to the $1000 range.

Highly unlikely that it'll do CWDM, at least at that price.

Transmode ( does converters to order, they'll fix things
that'll do pretty much any to any (850 / 1310 / (1490-1610) in any
combination) including 3R and management (which implies that you need
ethernet onsite which might be tricky).

I'd believe they're more in the $3k-$5k range with CWDM optics though. If
you need OC48 that'll hike the price up even more.

Ahh sorry I didnt realise the intention was to run the CWDM itself thro it, I
thought this was for the output

Ok well I'm not an optics expert but I wasnt aware multimode was capable of
carrying more than a single wavelength because of interference/dispersion
effects etc


It doesnt. From my understanding the initial poster wanted to turn a GE
CWDM (for instance, 1570nm light) single wavelength signal into a
multimode (50nm) GE signal.

That's what I answered to anyway.


Would something like this work?

You can populate it with GBICs to suit.


Thanks for all the links and help!

The issue is cost and space, and all the products that will work seem to
cost upwards of $3,000 and do a lot more than we need or take up a few rack
units of space. I am probably going to build a small circuit to handle
connecting two GBICs back to back. The pinout from molex was readily
available and we can get CWDM GBICs these days for $400 or less and more
normal frequencies for sub $150.

Anyway, anyone who is interested in the final product send me email off-list
and I'll keep you posted.


This is correct.

Where can you get CWDM GBIC's for under 400. Most vendors charge 5-10x
that price.

                            Scott C. McGrath