Giga fiber Tap

Unless I'm misreading the requirement, this
sounds like a job for a Calient or a Glimmerglass
optical switch, capable of non-intrusive bridging
and/or insertion. For large jobs, in any case.

A demo of the Glimmerglass device can be viewed
on the company's "Government Signals Monitoring
and Analysis" page:


On Thu Nov 29 22:22 , "Christopher Morrow" sent:

This is probably bit more than would be needed for the apparent application of monitoring a particular routing point for a LAN. A
simple passive fiber tap may be sufficient.

An optical switch may be more suitable when you have large numbers of
sources and need to dynamically monitor a subset of different fibers
on a regular basis. Installing a switch is less useful if you need to check a particular fiber on a permanent basis.

Of course, if you already have an "optical DACS" in your network, then
it makes sense to use it instead of installing something else.