Giga fiber Tap

Dear all,

Because of some reasons, I have to install some giga fiber tap for packet monitor into critical lan point,

and the taps must be there permanently.

The critical lan point is in dynamic routing domain, so I think that special functions such as link failure detection,

or auto bypass is not needed. I prefer just simple, accurate and stable tap.

Anyone can advice me which tap is stable and has good reputation ? I welcome any information.

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Some folks speculate the NSA likes using ADC monitor and splitter modules

I prefer using Netoptics network taps

I've used both of these, I like them both, so 2 votes for these 2.... :slight_smile:

Netoptics work great. Check out their aggregation taps.

Brian Knoll

You can get fiber splitters from any number of places, and so long as
you have the link budget for a 3dB or so hit, a 50/50 splitter will do
fine. I have to give you a warning on one though. Fiberdyne ( ) doesn't understand the meaning of "we're
in a hurry, ship what you can ship immediately, get the rest of it out
to us as soon as you can". They think "immediately" means "a week and
a half later, and we'll screw up your credit card information and burn
a couple of more days getting back to you". I had an order a few
years ago where I tried to get some pretty standard, stock value
(10dB) single mode buildout style attenuators and they took the better
part of a month to get 'em to me after telling me they coudl ship the
same day. I recently decided to give them another chance, and while
they weren't a month late they did in fact take almost two weeks to
ship the first part of a "rush" order.

Joe-Bob says "avoid Fiberdyne".


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