Getting an ASN in ARIN


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I know ARIN is very strict with IP transfers at least from ARIN to ARIN. I know they require very detailed information. Curious if someone in the list know if they are equally strict when issuing an ASN and/or have a recent experience on the matter ?

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Have you looked here [1]?

They even produced a short video telling you how to request ASN resources.


If by “strict” you mean that ARIN requires that you follow their published rules, then yes, I suppose this could be called strict. But that’s not a bad thing. Getting an ASN only requires that you prove you have contracts with two BGP-capable upstream providers. There is no shortage of ASNs. Other transfers are straigtforward within ARINs rules, one of which being that you’re entitled to the space you’re trying to transfer, and the other that the recipient qualifies under ARIN’s usage requirements.


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If you’re multihomed, getting an AS number from ARIN is trivial. Fill out the form, indicate the at least IPv4 /24 or IPv6 /48 you intend to announce via BGP, provide redacted billing statements from two ISPs and you’re golden.

If you’re not multihomed, buy a $20 virtual server from Vultr or a comparable cloud service, read about the BGP service they provide (BGP via two providers is what will make you multihomed), set up a VPN from there back to your site and then see multihomed above.

If you don’t have at least a /24 or /48… why do you want an AS number? How would you use it?

Bill Herrin

"Distinct routing policy", while a bit less clear-cut than being multi-homed, is another valid reason to get an ASN and more flexible if you're in a situation where you might be concerned about "strictness". It's mostly applicable to ISPs rather than end-users, I would suppose. However, it generally suffices to say "I am a network operator and set my own routing policies, have my own PI space under those grounds, and my single upstream provider prefers that I have a public ASN if I want to run BGP with them which I wish to do as part of setting my network's routing policies."

As has been pointed out, there's not a shortage of ASNs like there is IPv4. The policy surrounding assignment of ASNs is mostly to make sure that people who are getting one actually have a use for it and know what they intend to do with it.