Getting a "portable" /19 or /20

Thus spake "Eric A. Hall" <>

I honestly believe that ARIN is funded by stock ownership in NAT
provder technologies.

No, ARIN is funded by the ISPs which it doesn't require to follow its
allocation guidelines.

They are the primary reason that we have NAT
and RFC 1918 problems on the net everyday.

No, the reason we have NAT is because it's a lot easier for novice
network administrators to divvy up and route 10/8 than it is 208.x.x/20.
Any leaf network can get all the non-portable addresses they want, for a

There's also a general perception that NAT increases security; some
"security" companies go so far as to say NAT removes the need for a
firewall. It's amazing how many network admins believe this.


Some also say that firewalls/nats remove the need to secure your systems.