Get A FREE Pager-No Hidden Costs #1BEC


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No long term contract
No activation fee
No big prepayment of airtime
No credit check

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Paging America is going to give you a top of the line full
featured pager in your choice of color for FREE. This
top viewable display pager is one of the smallest and
lightest pagers on the market today and holds up to 32
numeric messages, has 9 music alerts or silent
vibration mode, flex technology which provides three
times the battery life, message time and day stamping
and smart alarm so you can set a daily or weekly
reminder. This pager comes in black, teal (green) and
blue. All we ask before we ship you your Free pager
is for you to allow us to provide the airtime for you.
There is no long term contract or credit check. Airtime
is month to month and can be cancelled at any time.
Airtime for this pager is only $9.95 per month billed
monthly or only $8.95 per month if we bill your credit
card or checking account each month. Just call the
toll free number and we'll ship your Free pager to you
immediately in your choice of color already programmed
with a local telephone number for your town.
For immediate delivery call Paging America 24 hours a
day at 800-443-0596

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