Geolocation for Disney Plus

We’ve had a few complaints that users are getting redirected to the EN-GB version of Disney+ whenever they try to visit the site.

I have tried very hard to figure out which geolocation service they are using to come to that conclusion but have yet to be able to figure it out.

Does anyone know specifically which service D+ uses or is there a “list of usual suspects” that you guys check when these sorts of things arise?

I checked google, maxmind and a handful of others and those all know that we are in the US.



Check out this link.

The contacts on that brotherwisp page for Disney+ do not respond. I have had success only with peeringdb contacts.
As recently as two days ago they resolved a similar issue for me as peeringdb listed contacts.

Norman Jester
619-319-7055 (whatsapp ok!)

It took me several months to get a Disney+ geolocation issue resolved recently.

I sent emails to the known contacts. Got one response saying the issue would be investigated. Later, no response to additional follow-ups over several weeks.

Phone calls to their consumer hell desk told me that they had already done what they could to escalate it. We were also told that it would probably not be fixed unless we had all of our customers call Disney directly and complain.

It ultimately took several alternative contacts and some nice folks reaching out to me directly after posting to this list. And they had to escalate internally.

Overall, pretty incompetent for the world’s largest media company.

I the past I have found that Disney+ and HBO MAX both use Digital Envoy/Digital Element.