genetic diversity w/ DNS

no list would be complete without

JEEVES written by Paul Mockapetris

Of course, we need to find a working TOP-20 machine.

IBM had a 370 version of DNS, and I believe Tandem had
a non-BIND version of DNS.

  If we are going to include dead code, then
  we'll need to include a couple more then...
  I was looking for live, viable DNS code.

  CHIVES - needs multics/Rob & Michael
  JEEVES - DocMoc
  ibmDNS - Daisy Chen/IBM
  Tandam -
  GE - ???/
  Novell - ???/
  May they rest in peace.... :slight_smile:

There are also the Men & Mice servers, and the one Rich Brown wrote at
Dartmouth, that Apple bought.


Novell uses a ported version of Bind.