generators, etc....

> Even when you have generators, there are still a myriad of things which
> can and do go wrong no matter how hard you try, even with trebly
> redundant backups, etc. etc.
> A fuel supplier accidently puts half a load of jet fuel instead of #2
> diesel in your storage tank, which you won't find until it reloads the
> run tank from the day tank.

Run the generator under load periodically. Have your gen maintenance
contractor do fuel tests quarterly. Water is just as bad in the Diesel

This can be solved, it's a matter of logistics and procedures, when
did you last hear that an airline filled with diesel instead of Jet-A1?


Before anyone statrs to build a very expensive pop, revisit the idea
of several locations and geograpghical diversity, as it is close to
defend a single locataion, a competing ISP could go around and
cut all your wires....