GeekTools SuperWhois v2.0


v2.0 of SuperWhois is now up and in production (subject to bugs you find

The same version exists at both the web interface, and the command line
whois proxy.

We currently query for 88 tlds, including 6bone. To get the entire list
(also used for do:

dig axfr

We've instituted some limits because of potential abuse by spammers. So,
if you make more than 25 queries a day from the same ip, please send
email letting us know what ip address you are coming from, and convince
us that you are not using it for spamming, and we'll open it up for you.

Important Privacy Note: We are now logging whois queries only - for
obvious reasons...

Here is the 'man' section. We're working on cleaning up the source to
release level, and then we'll place it in the software section of
geektools for download. We also hope to have a 'geek' version of a
windows superwhois client within a couple of weeks, for those who have
to use windows boxen.

Enjoy. And please remember to provide updates to whois server
information to These updates also go into the zone.

"Technology so advanced, even *we* don't understand it!"