GeekTools SuperWhois update


There is a new version of GeekTools SuperWhois available at

This is a significant revision which now deals with (as best as we know)
the 6 competitive registrars for the .com .net and .org space as well as
obfuscated ip addresses.

A whois query for anything in .com, .net, or .org will first query the
shared whois system to identify which registrar has the registration,
and then query that registrar's whois server. The only registrar
currently registering domains appears to be

GeekTools SuperWhois now deals with obfuscated ip addresses (decimal
rather than dotted quad) used commonly by spammers. Enter the query in
the same way as a normal ip address.

The command line SuperWhois proxy ( as well as the
web based SuperWhois gui have been updated. The updated SuperWhois
source will be available shortly, as version 2.1.

As always, comments, queries, updates, and suggestions, to