Last I heard, LC cataloging had a backlog of about a million books. But,
they get to see the pre-prints 6-12 months early from major publishers
participating in CIP, so it tends to even out. Obligatory explanation,
not everything published or copyrighted is accepted by LC for inclusion
in their permenant catalog. DRA is not affiliated with LOC.

I suppose someone should check with John, but I did a quick check of
Books in Print, OCLC, RLG, and MELVYL and didn't see anything called
"OSPF Complete Implementation." I don't know if it is part of a boxed
set, had a title change, or is being published by a different publisher
which doesn't get its stuff in the major databases as fast. Or maybe
its gotten tangled up in some type of copyright issue on the source
code delaying it.