just in the defense of those who love gated
for the ratty little program it is (as opposed
to those commercially minded buffoons),
we will let grep show us the way.

ahh.... but it still works.

What about gated ? You mean that we do not all admire its *three* diferent
memory allocators, two different logging modules, two different bounds
checking wossits etc ?

Gated - gotta love it. Anyone want to start a "bgpd" project ?

In article <>,

Isn't the zebra project supposed to contain an ospfd eventually?

Now, an "ospfd" project ..

See John Moy's excellent book(s), OSPF: Anatomy of an Internet
Routing Protocol, and it's companion book, OSPF Complete Implementation.
The former is ISBN 0-201-63472-4 and the latter has an ospfd
implementation "intended to be portable to a wide range of

The second book comes with a CD with the code on it, along
with a routing simulator that runs on win95. I have not
seen nor played with the CD stuff, but hey, this stuff is
from John Moy.


I've read, and enjoyed his first, but cannot find the companion book
anywhere. Heck, even Amazon doesn't have it. Does anyone have the ISBN
for it?