Neil J. McRae writes:

OK Change this to:

export proto bgp as 3831 {
  proto bgp aspath .* origin any { all; };
  proto bgp aspath 3831 origin any restrict;
  proto bgp aspath 701 origin any restrict;
  proto bgp aspath 6302 origin any restrict;
  proto bgp aspath 4259 * origin any restrict;
  proto bgp aspath 3817 * origin any restrict;

I think this is correct, but if it isn't working I'd
move the the top clause to the bottom and put the others above [order is
important, but the order isn't _yet_ documented]

They're matched sequentially, so the ".*" filter should be moved
to the bottom, otherwise all the "restrict" filters will have no

You should have a look
at filter declations such as this below:

define filter "AS-3831"

...[make sure the ".*" is the last one]...


Then do:

export proto bgp as 6453 "AS-3831";

Note that I've not tried doing the above, but it should work, it means
you can %include filters and makes your gated.conf files much easier to

If you use the named filter multiple times, it also reduces the
size of the running image somewhat and reduces parse time at startup
and reconfig (vis-a-vis using %include in several places or just
writing out the filter multiple times).

(This really should be on the gated-people or ascend-grf mailing
list, oh well.)