Yes! I _was_ attending, but got stuck in a huge construction project on
the first morning (following the Merit web page directions that M14 was
the "best" route), and missed the first presentation. I was able to
hear it off the net later. If I had a better connection, I would have
been able to see them. I think this is a real benefit to all of us.

I plan on going back and checking out NANOGs I've missed. Keep this up,
and I may never need to go to a NANOG in person again (much rejoicing).
But, I'd miss your smiling faces, you big bunch of galoots.... :wink:

I really, really appreciate the effort and expense that everyone went to
to broadcast NANOG 13 and subsequently make it available for later
listening. I wasn't able to watch it in June, and I'm very glad to be
able to view it now. Thank you! :slight_smile:
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