fyi - routing stability reports


Did anyone notice they weren't getting routing stability reports from
ANS? Don't answer that, I get enough mail as it is. :slight_smile:

Due to a crashed disk, we lost data between July 8 when the last
backup on this non-essential filesystem occurred and August 1 when we
replaced the drive. You may have noticed lack of reports since July
17 (prior to that reports were generated, but we hadn't archived them
to tape, so we've lost them.

The main reson I'm asking is that I may have added report generation
for one or two AS that don't border us and if this was between July 8
and July 17 the addition has been lost so you have to make the request


ps - the routing stability reports are not an officially supported
service of ANS. They exist to help identify operational problems.
Other providers find them useful, so I'm trying to keep them going.