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Press Release, Reuters

U.S. seeks consensus on Internet commerce

WASHINGTON, June 30 (Reuter) - The Commerce Department said on Monday it
was seeking aconsensus on how to allocate new Internet addresses to help
develop Internet commerce.

In a statement, the department said it would publish its proposal on Tuesday at and on Wednesday in the Federal Register. The
notice will requestpublic comments on the proposals by August 18.

``The enormous growth and commercialization of the Internet has burdened
current domain nameregistration systems and raised numerous issues,
including questions about the interrelationship of domain name
registrations and registered trademarks,'' the statement said.

Governance of domain names, conflicts among domanin name systems, processes
for disputeresolution and the international implications of these issues
would also be scrutinized.

Domain names are the Internet equivalent of addresses.

In the statement, Commerce Secretary William Daley said the Clinton
administration would seek toresolve the issues without upsetting the
decentralized structure of the Internet.

Also on Tuesday, the Clinton administration will unveil a separate report
on the Internet and electronic commerce.