FYI: Cease And Desist Flaming

Hot Diggety! Stephen Dolloff was rumored to have said...

Yes, about a dozen of our customers got it. They were really pissed. I
blocked the company and the mail server.

By doing so, you're helping the net.scum that is behind this forgery,
who is attacking the credibility of the company and law firm. There was a
story about it on CNN's web site. URL is:

Basically, the spam did not originate from Samsung nor from the
legal firm, and both are working on finding and treating the guilty party
to a taste of the American judicial system.

*watches knees all over the world jerking in response to the forged spam*

I would recommend against a knee-jerk reaction. :slight_smile:

And so endeth my two bits here.

-Dan Foster