fwd ppml: ARIN asking about SWIP procedures

> That said, I'll posit that the adoption rate of new DNS code is fairly
> slow (based on 3 years of study) and so even if some goofy new class or
> RR type is promoted, it would not get deployed anytime soon.

All of this stuff (global WHOIS included) really needs to go into LDAP,
using standardized schemas for the relevant data. Obviously the schema is
job #1. All of the [g/cc]TLD databases and numbering authoritites really
should have made this a collective priority a couple of years ago.

Note that putting the data into LDAP doesn't preclude WHOIS clients from
talking to a WHOIS server which proxies the LDAP data.

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  LDAP might just have a chance. But it looks alot like the
  x500 stuff from the last decade. I remain unconvinced.