FW: TNT issues "workaround"

I seem to be having the same or similar problems with my Cisco boxes
also , they either reboot or the pris hang , users get busy's but no one
is logged in at all , when I do a show isdn status it shows b channels
in use but no one on, the only way to fix is reboot the box , and it
seems to be timed , everyday at 1400 and 2200 hours , since Monday
anybody body heard of ciscos acting funny this week?

John Lord(lord@allturbo.com)
It Manager
AllTurbo Internet Services Inc
410-213-9388 Office

Perhaps your fast switching route cache is filling up memory. If you're willing to
risk it enable CEF on all interfaces.


Some of the older cisco access-servers don't even support CEF. The cisco
failures seem to be memory starvation/fragmentation issues caused by out
of control route-cache growth caused by the nachi worm's attempt to ping
so many different hosts so quickly while looking for systems to spread to.

You can work around the issue by:

a) using policy routing to pass all dialup traffic through a route-map
that sends 92 byte echo/echo-reply packets to null0.

b) blocking all echo/echo-reply coming in from dial-up users (i.e. apply
an input acl to your virtual-template and/or group-async interfaces).

c) disabling route caching on the egress interface of the access server.

I'm doing a mix of a (on the access-servers that this works on) and b
where a doesn't work...and tested c this morning and found it appears to