FW: This DNS over HTTP thing

Masataka Ohta wrote:

Livingood, Jason wrote:

The challenge of course is that in the absence of a silver bullet
solution, that people working to combat all forms of childsorship
exploitation are simultaneously trying several things, ranging from
going to the source as you suggest and arresting people, to trying to
interrupt the online tools that they may use or that might
fund/support them, etc.

The Internet was working very well to suppress child porn by
making video freely distributed, which made child porn industry
a lot less profitable.

Freely distributed video also makes investigation of victims

So, people who want to make money from child porn has been
trying to have censorship of various degree.

In UK, they are very successful.

Finally, someone with a modicum of common sense and proper reasoning.

I salute you, sir!

Whether people make actual monetary profit off child porn is a red

Literally billions make postings to social media such as FB, Twitter,
(not child porn I mean in general) and very, very few get paid.

There are many reasons people might do this -- make child porn
available -- including just approbation and camaraderie from
like-minded individuals.

One blocks and prosecutes, etc, child porn in any way they can because
one wants to isolate and punish that activity.