FW: Request for Peering with AS4788 at Equinix SJO/ASH/LA

We are peered with Equinix Direct and Internap in San Jose and have
received a couple solicitations from random companies to peer, though
we're not a provider of transit. I have no desire to find new peers, so
I'm not considering the offer below -- just wondering if this is a red
flag that's worth passing on.

I am skeptical, but I suppose this could be harmless.

FWIW, I've seen AS4788 on old CIDR reports under "Possible Bogus


Um. TMNet is Telekom Malaysia. Used to be the PTT for Malaysia. Used to be the Malaysian government. I think they're privatized now.

This would be a bit like saying British Telecom is passing bogus routes. While possibly true, it is unlikely it is intentional...


Probably not. When I was at DePaul and when we connected to AADS I
sent a lot of those types of emails to whoever the contacts were that
were also connected there. Those that had open peering policies would
often email back that they had already configured something and were
ready when I was. Some, probably chuckling, never responded and some
kindly sent back the equivalent of the "Here is a link to our peering
policy, if you can meet these requirements then sure (but we both know
you can't :-)" standard reply.

Some organizations find it beneficial to peer with as many people as
possible at the exchanges. The NANOG Peering BoF uses a partially
derisive, but mostly humor intended term for these folks.