FW: Priori ?

The Priori Network (parts and pieces) was picked up by ELI.
It was not technically an acquisition, just a purchase of contracts
and some routers. ELI has taken over the AADS connection, however,
due to disconnects placed against the Worldcom ATM uplink to
the rest of the old Priori Network (only 1 customer still remains on the
old Priori Network), the AADS connection had to be moved
to ELI's main facility in Chicago (the Sears Tower) where our OC-3 backbone
is terminated.

Unfortunately, it came to our attention that it was going to take much longer
for Ameritech to move the circuit (alot longer actually).
Therefore we had to abruptly drop the connection to the NAP until this move is facilitated.

ELI will turn back up the link as soon as Ameritech can get the move completed
and will contact peers who wish to reestablish peering with AS 5650. ELI has
already converted PAIX and Mae-West from Priori's AS10303 to ELI's AS5650.

If you need further information on this, please send mail to peering@eli.net and
we will respond accordingly. The Priori network has ceased to exist and what
*remains* of the network has been folded into the ELI network.

Dave Cooper
ELI Internet Engineering