FW: Official Notice: Information Update Required

Do other people get these vague notices from Network Solutions? How am
I supposed to figure out to which account they are referring? When I
click on the link, I get a generic login page, so don't know which of a
dozen accounts I might need to update. How do you figure out what they
want updated? I've '....' out the specific codes in my message, but
assume there are unique to the recipient. Are these magical codes some
sort of Network Solution's version of spammer's qualification that you
do indeed exist when clicked on?

Ray Burkholder

Let alone gawd forbid they have accurate information
themselves... I swear they must have a seperate database for each
department within NetSol and they only get together once a decade to
merge (who needs to update when you can just merge all of them together)
them... I've updated quite a number of domains and transfered them to
other divisions completely removing our contact info from the domains
and yet I still get postal and email notices regarding these domains...

  Then all those third-parties that they sold the WHOIS data to
for bulk advertising that still have records that are atleast 2+ years
old and still snail mail you regarding some domain you had control of
back then...

  I haven't been too impressed with NetSol's performance and yes
I get these on a regular basis...