FW: [MPLS-OPS]: Toolbox for Traffic Engineering freely available

Thought I'd pass this along in case anyone is interested:

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Subject: [MPLS-OPS]: Toolbox for Traffic Engineering freely available
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The first release of the open-source TOolbox for Traffic Engineering
Methods (TOTEM) is now freely available.

This toolbox integrates a series of tools for intra-domain and
inter-domain traffic engineering of IP and MPLS networks. It allows
network operators to traffic engineer their network, and also researchers
to compare their techniques to methods already in the toolbox.

Release 1.0 includes features like:
   - IP metric optimisation
   - MPLS LSP path computation supporting preemption and DiffServ-TE
   - MPLS backup LSP path computation with bandwidth sharing
   - BGP decision process simulations
   - Flexible simulation scenarios such as link/node failures
   - Interoperable XML format for topology and traffic matrix representation
   - ...

You can find additional information, binaries, source codes and user guide

TOTEM project home page: http://totem.info.ucl.ac.be/

Best regards,

The TOTEM team

PS: To be informed about new releases of the toolbox, subscribe to our
mailing list at

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