FW: [CYBERTEL] FCC Distinguished Engineering Fellow

The Federal Communications Commission would like to announce the
creation of a new senior level advisory position, the Distinguished
Engineering Fellow.

     Analogous to the Chief Economist position, the Distinguished
Engineering Fellow will work out of the Office of Strategic Planning and
Policy Analysis, the Commission's primary source of long-range
communications policy development, analysis and evaluation. Candidates
should have expertise in some or all of the following areas: TCP/IP,
routing, interconnection, peering, transit, IPv6, security, network
performance, spam, Next Generation Networks, Internet over broadband, and
VoIP. He or she will advise the Commissioners and staff on these and related
engineering issues, working closely with Commission engineers, MBAs,
economists and lawyers to analyze new technological developments.

     If you know an academic that would be interested in this one-year
visiting position, please have him or her contact Jonathan Levy at
202-418-2048 or jonathan.levy@fcc.gov.