FW: BGP keepalive/holdtime at GigE exchange

I am looking for operational BCP feedback on common practice for tweaking
down BGP holdtime/keepalive across GigE exchange points, since a peer
could go down on the other side of the GigE switch without a
corresponding adjacency change seen on your BR. The thought is
to make down peers known as fast thru a GigE exchange as they would
be over a POS private peer interface.

The current defaults are pretty gross, and much worse than the
ISIS hello and interface keepalive defaults of 10 seconds.

IOS12.x: neighbor [ip-address | peer-group-name] timers keepalive holdtime
  holdtime: default 180 seconds
  keepalive: default 60 seconds


JunOS 4.2:
  holdtime: default 90 seconds
  keepalive: default one third of holdtime


Lane Patterson <lane@equinix.com>
Equinix, Inc.