Full Internet ASN <--> AS Name resolution

That is all very nice, but what about those who run central whois redirection
service where requests come in from users & systems and one central server
then does actual lookup? My completewhois system hardly the only that
does it, there are probably two dozen or more systems like this - geektols,
uwho, numerous spam reporting systems, dshield, mynetwatchman and other
central intrusion systems, etc.

Besides that all other RIRs - ARIN, RIPE, APNIC have methods to prevent
data mining, but I do not have problems with query limits at ARIN (not
for last year), RIPE or APNIC but LACNIC where I do by far the least
number of lookups (on the scale of 1:20 less then RIPE or 1:50 to ARIN)
I'm hitting the limits immediatly. Obviously pataroo who did only lookups
by ASNs also hit the limits and they did not even program for such an
event which resulted in all those segfaults.

Besides that I'm even more concerned that this came as absolute surprise
to me, no announcement anywhere at all, I'm on am at anuncios and there
was nothing sent there about changes to whois and nothing on website and
as far as I could tell it was not discussed at politicas either. And even
worth you're doing these limits and providing no way to get the data by
any other means then whois as your bulk whois policy is still 2 months away
from being implemented - you could have aleast waited these two months!

Please think about removing the limits for the next two months until bulk
whois is ready! Or at the very least monitore the situation and adjust the
limits (to at least 5 times what it is now probably), possibly talk to
ARIN or RIPE on how they deal with data mining!