Not press release? Since when has NANOG been relegated
to press release material only... ??

We used to troubleshoot *real time* via this.. (nanog).

Have we gone to the realm of suits ?

(And *you* should know.... Todd,
You were there through most of it...)

I guess I need to get it in my head that NANOG list has become
relegated to the world of newspapers and public releases....


Any ways, looks like this is some type of cut that is killing
Chicago *southbound* circuits.. (Hence your perspective)

We have techs (trying) to nail it down...
We have McCleod USA stating several circuits dropped from out of
Chicago... all at once... (DS3-OC3) More than just data......

Like like something broke in south Chicago. Everyone is turning on the
T-birds... :\

Pardon my jump.

I was adrenaline rushed, as I have *several* big circuits out
of Chicago....

See ya.

Now where is that Tbird ..... :\