FTC DNCR issues - Thank you ALL!!

Folks -

Perhaps along with soliciting advice from this community I would have
been better served to go right to Sister Mary Grace and asked for
assistance from a higher authority than even NANOG. God was clearly NOT
smiling on us this weekend!! But on the other hand He has deservedly
had a few issues with me:-)

I believe we are now operating in a stable mode and the application is
handling things as it was designed to. We will now be able to focus on
the tweaking, adjusting and changes typical of the first few days of a
launch of this size and scope.

Emails are now flowing and queues are almost gone. I am told we are now
compliant with at least major protocol and standards. The reverse DNS
issues was a side effect of our hardware problem, and is now working

1) If anyone has comment, suggestions or does still think we are
operating amateurishly, please let me know!! I actually may have time
to get these issues addressed now.
2) I know we were blocked by many ISPs for varying lengths of time due
to mostly to our lack of rDNS. I think we have lost these emails as
they were likely accepted

I am told we stopped sending permanent cookies Saturday afternoon. This
is indeed contrary to the Governments privacy policy. It has to do with
Webtrends and our requirements to report statistics. I am told session
cookies are still going to be necessary

3) Is this acceptable to the community?

We have identified some browser issues, particularly some older versions
of Netscape.

4) Any issues being seen out there, we would love to ID and address.

It was great to find the NANOG community and even though I am
(obviously) not a techie (only one of those lowlife sales people that
get folks like you in trouble all the time), I will be hanging around on
the periphery and continue my education through this new resource. You
have all been helpful and I offer my sincere appreciation.

Best Regards,