I need a network administrator from Frontier to contact me ASAP regarding BGP advertisement of a block that needs to stop please.

We are down. Have been told it will be several days until restoration. And frontier is advertising our ips so I can't even advertise them out a different route.

The NOC had been completely unhelpful.


I hope someone contacted you off-list because their NOC's answer
was unacceptable.

Pretty sure it's a human error and not malicious but network operators have
to react quickly to this type of issue.

Several days? Even several hours is a ridiculous response time. Contact
their upstream providers and mention they (the upstream) are not doing
their job by filtering their customer's BGP announcements. Contact IXes (if
they're connected to any), peers, etc. Rinse and repeat.

At last, threaten them with legal actions by sending angry emails or calls
to senior ops/management/marketing/legal department.

Someone did. Unfortunately response time through frontiers NOC seems to have gotten terrible since the acquisition of many Verizon properties.

When ever we have issues it's the norm to wait two to four hours before we hear anything back and often the NOC scrambles the information.

50% of the time when we call in for ticket updates the ticket has been closed or can't be found. Hang up. Call back now it's found.

And several times the ticket had been closed without confirming with the end user the issue has actually been fixed.

It's terrible.