From Sprint's status page


Type: Outage
Purpose: Routing Issues
Network: SL
Ticket: 6505769
Sprint Id: 16881

Sprint is currently experiencing an outage in
Seattle, WA Tacoma, WA and Tokyo, Japan.

Sprint is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience
based on a portfolio of reliable products and services. Because we
realize how important your network solution is to your business,
Sprint makes every attempt to avoid interruptions to the quality
service provided. While we attempt to limit our service interruptions
to occur during scheduled maintenance windows, occasionally we
experience an outage such as this which may impact your service
outside of our maintenance window. We will attempt to minimize the
impact to your service and strive to maintain our network to our
high quality standards and to continually serve you, our valued

All of us at Sprint appreciate the opportunity to provide a network
solution that meets your telecommunications needs.

Your private line(s) impacted by this outage and/or router(s) associated

with your service are listed below. Demand maintenance is underway to
restore service from the outage caused by fiber outage.

Customers whose only connection to the Sprintlink IP network is via this

gateway router will experience loss of Internet connectivity for the
duration of the emergency maintenance.

Expected time to repair is Unknown.

Please bear with us as we work to fix the problem.
Thank you for your patronage.