Friendly contact at Comcast about possible RF leaks

Anyone know a friendly contact at Comcast regarding possible RF leaks on their HFC plant? I'm not a Comcast customer, so I can't get in via front line support (not that it would probably do me much good, anyway), and I'm not looking to lodge a formal complaint or anything. I just want to give a heads-up about some issues I've noticed locally that haven't been addressed for a while and hopefully let things get addressed.

I'm in Central Indiana, if anyone wants to try to route me directly to the right people. A general contact is fine, too.

Brandon, shoot me a note offlist and we'll connect you.


This has been taken care of and the leak apparently corrected. Thanks for all those who reached out to me!

In the general case, I think, the FCC's enforcement branch actually
takes care of being a clearinghouse for this sort of problem...
according to my friend who used to do this for the FCC anyway.