Fri AM AT&T outage

I heard speculation from many quarters that this may have been related to
the Verizon splashcut to Frontier -- which, regardless of what Frontier
was telling us, I was pretty sure would be more than just varying which light
switch for a building sign was the one turned on.

Has anyone heard anything they're allowed to repeat, yet, which confirms
or denies?

On a related[1] topic: I see on Craigs that Frontier is hiring through a sub
for transport staff for their new NOC, which I think is going to be located
in SPBGFLXA89H; that building has about 3 completely empty floors, and has
for over 20 years. (OK, it did when I toured it in 91; dunno what's there
now. :slight_smile:

-- jra

Hopefully the job posting includes replacing this guy:

I just saw that some of our AT&T tickets were updated as "Frontier is experiencing an outage in Oxnard, CA"


Was this in SoCal? I had 40% packet loss Friday midnight to 11am on my FIOS sites.

-mel beckman

Yes, LAX south is where we were seeing problems. FIOS routing issues galore, even having issues getting some IPSEC tunnels to come to life after 4am. Biggest issues we had were the AT&T MIS and MIS PNT BGP sessions all went bye-bye for about 3 hours.


When I talked to Frontier about our Office in Tampa, I was told there was a fiber cut that was effecting SoCal and Florida. Not sure how the 2 were related but that is what I was told. Our Tampa office has been down as well since 7:00am local time.